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Meet our Team


Founder / Box Owner, Coach

I have always had a keen interest in competitive team sports leading me to thrive in playing club and school soccer which I played through college and coached at the high school and U-19 levels, as well as playing basketball and baseball through high school. It was through sport that I learned the value of teamwork, camaraderie, discipline, and hard work.

It was in coaching where I gained an appreciation and pure joy from helping others achieve goals and pushing themselves beyond barriers that seemed unbreakable. That same passion continues as I watch those I work with hit a PR, correct a lift, meet and exceed their goals, and make life changes that may have once seemed insurmountable. This is the reason Rockingham CrossFit exists.

I truly believe that the common thread binding us all together is the desire to fulfill our God-given potential and have fun while we are doing it. For those who are committed to the journey will discover a more healthy, happy, and productive life.

Aaron Clymer


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
Aerobic Capacity Certification


Keith Mcneil

Throughout my life, I have had a passion for improving people. Whether that was coaching kids basketball, martial arts, or forging the paths and careers of young Sailors as a Senior Chief during my 23 years with the U.S. Navy.

My first CrossFit workout was during a deployment in 2012 when I was introduced to “Murph”. This workout proved itself to be one of the hardest workouts I had ever done in my life. Six months after deployment, I had gained a lot of weight, and became severely out of shape. Remembering that workout, I found a local CrossFit box and never looked back.

Now in my mid-40’s, I am in the best physical and mental shape that I have ever been in. My natural leadership abilities, passion for teaching, and love of CrossFit have made for a natural transition to gym ownership with my best friend Aaron.

My ultimate goal is to take goal-oriented, hard-working individuals and bring them into a community that supports each other, and helps each other reach their goals – in fitness and in life.

Founder / Box Owner, Coach


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
USA Weight Lifting


From a young age playing town league soccer and t-ball to junior league ice hockey in the IJHL and collegiate men’s rugby in NERFU, the majority of my life has been spent participating in competitive and recreational sports. The sport of CrossFit was introduced to me in 2013, and in my 20+ years of sports, I’ve never been more passionate about a sport. Competition aside, I undoubtedly value the unrestricted benefits of regular training in CrossFit for an individual’s health and wellness more. But my favorite part about this sport is the incredible CrossFit community.


Having recently become a father to my daughter Olivia Jane, I’m further driven by the mentality to reinforce a truly healthy, happy and positive lifestyle. It’s a continuous aspiration of mine to be the best version of myself every single day – for my family. They are my everything.


Outside of CrossFit, I have a background in Mechanical Engineering and Project Management. Other passions of mine include the outdoors and anything with a motor that's loud and fast.

Adam Stankard


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Michael Paquette


Coach, Social Media and Graphic Artist, Facilities Manager

I grew up never being into sports, or even having the drive for anything competitive. I never thought that I would one to head to the gym every day, or ever.

I went to college in Boston for Media Arts & Animation; after college, my sister dragged me to a CrossFit class (as is the same for so many CrossFitters). The rest, as they say, is history – I was hooked.

Now, I am at the gym pretty much every day. Not only for the health benefits but because of the amazing community. I work during the day for an airline, but after work is my favorite part of the day when I can head to the gym and hear about everyone’s day.

CrossFit has made me more confident in my abilities as a human. Being able to say that I can lift twice my body weight off the floor, or back squat the weight of a large man is a pretty amazing thing to discover about yourself.

My fellow athletes became my family. I met my best friends in this environment of working hard, pushing each other, and now I am privileged to be apart of their gym. They keep me in check and keep me going, and we have a blast along the way!

I love the combination of gymnastics and weightlifting. I love the people, and I love the challenge.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Kids Trainer


CrossFit for me is the culmination of 20 years spent as a gym rat, a bodybuilder, a powerlifter, an endurance runner, a cyclist and eventually a student of functional training. My foundation in functional training began with flipping tires, dragging cars across parking lots, swinging sledgehammers, throwing kegs, moving atlas stones, sprinting hills, carrying yokes and lifting strongman logs. I was certainly aware
of the CrossFit subculture within the fitness circles I already occupied but only insofar as to pull back the curtain and take a peak; however one fateful afternoon in fall the allure baited me up the side stairs of a basically unmarked warehouse into my first “box” and as the almost universal experience goes…….I was hooked.

The challenge was endless, the workouts were endlessly difficult and I had as many doubts as I had breakthroughs. It was immersive, physically demanding and relentlessly humbling; but those characteristics create the culture of amazing people I’ve met along the way. It’s immensely fulfilling to be able to see fresh faces squeamishly open the side door of a basically unmarked warehouse and be able to become a pivotal part of their journey as a coach, hopefully, a mentor and absolutely a friend.

Jeff Clark


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Peter Koch



The substantial impact CrossFit has made in my life is the reason why my ultimate mission as a coach is to dedicate an endless effort in providing the opportunity of insight I had the experience in receiving, to anyone willing to begin their training journey.
Coming from a family of 8, my siblings and I were all very active from a young age, participating in a wide range of different athletics and fitness atmospheres had become an integral part of my life. By age 15 I began weightlifting, and after the many years of repetition and complete predictability in my workouts, the unbearable reality of being stuck in a plateau happened. I was certain my passion for fitness was still present within me, and my competitive nature was too determined to let this roadblock stop me. I continued to push through my workouts only to be left with an overall feeling of being unsatisfied every time.

During this time in my life, a friend suggested I join them in a CrossFit session, and from that road on, my passion for working out again finally had its light shed back. My standard gym lacked all the unique aspects CrossFit provided me with, and being able to experience it and not dream of it anymore, gave me a feeling of euphoria. The community, friendships, and overall encouraging atmosphere had left me implemented with the true depth in phrases such as “Do it! Don’t give up! You will never know what you are capable of until you try! You are NOT your failures! Keep going! ” This influential outlook I’ve obtained from CrossFit has changed my life in the most unimaginable ways and not only from a physical level but from a mental and spiritual level as well.

It has led me with the capability to achieve any goal I set even if a countless number of approaches is required; as well as face any obstacles in my daily life because the instilled drive within me makes it fully possible.
By stepping out of my comfort zone I found I have only been positively affected by the deep-rooted principles and possibilities that CrossFit holds. I took the personal action of becoming a coach in the hopes of passing this drive on to as many as I can, and to promote the understanding that being your best, not the best, is one of the most crucial goals for one to obtain. 


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Level 1 Weightlifting Coach



From being a kid kicking around the farm to being an adult and becoming a competitive equestrian, I was always surrounded by people; people who would challenge me and push me to be the best rider I could be. Shortly after I graduated college, I stopped riding competitively and I soon after lost the spark I once felt, I lost my community.

One day I was dragged by a friend into my very first CrossFit class and I never looked back. I left that class humbled, intrigued and wanting to learn more. CrossFit challenged me and pushed me all while bringing me into a community that supports one another. I found my spark that I once felt from riding competitively and decided along the way that being strong was fun and I still didn’t have a knack for running.

I fell in love with the functionality of CrossFit and the never-ending ways to adapt and scale movements. During my endeavor of learning, I stumbled upon a passion for sharing my knowledge with others. I quickly began to discover how much I enjoyed helping people uncover skills and movements they didn’t know they were capable of. Nothing brings a smile to my face more than watching athletes uncover their true potential by challenging themselves with the support of others. I met fellow athletes who would eventually become my family. I found a community, a family and a challenge all in one.

Alex Rizzo


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
USA Weightlifting Level 1


Jason Marang


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

CrossFit Level 3 Trainer

CrossFit Kids Trainer

CrossFit Movement & Mobility Trainer

CrossFit Dumbbell Course

CrossFit Running Course

CrossFit Scaling Course

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance Trainer


I’ve always enjoyed teaching. Throughout my life, it seems to be a recurring theme. Growing up in martial arts, I taught classes as soon as I was able to. In my professional career as an air traffic controller, I struggled as a trainee and almost didn’t make it. It turns out that failure was one of the best things that have happened to me. I’ve been controlling for over 15 years and I use any opportunity to train our new controllers to help them learn from the mistakes I made.


Over the years I’ve noticed these more and more, things like connection, empowerment of myself and others, Fulfillment & Purpose.


This is where my journey into CrossFit begins. In 2013 at the advice of a close friend, my wife & I joined a local CrossFit gym. My experience I’m sure mirrors much of yours. I got stronger, more than I’ve been able to do by myself. I found a community, some of them are still my closest friends. I found confidence in myself where up until this point, I had never truly been proud of my body, my fitness or myself. 


I thought "this was as good as it gets" until I started coaching. The feeling of helping someone through something difficult and getting them to realize that they are capable of amazing things, eclipses any Personal Record I've had for myself.


Developing that connection with people, Empowering them, gives me Fulfillment & Purpose.


My CrossFit journey began back in 2011 when a friend invited me to do a workout.  That workout was called Murph.  Little did I know what I was getting myself into.  It was amazing to see how supportive other people were during the workout and how much fun the coach was having! Easily the hardest workout I had ever done. Needless to say, I was hooked. 


Over the past decade, I have been a full-time CrossFit Coach, Head Coach of a gym, part-time CrossFit Coach, Olympic Weightlifting Coach, Emcee of CrossFit competitions, and most importantly an athlete.   I truly love coaching CrossFit classes and absolutely love helping athletes reach their goals!  


I will forever be grateful for the profound impact that CrossFit has made on my life and I look forward to the next 10 years!  

Rob Aronofsky


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


Erin Racca


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


As a child, fitness entered my life through ice skating lessons, gymnastics, cheerleading, volleyball, and neighborhood pickup games. As I progressed into my adulthood, I became more intrigued about lifting weights and the benefits they had to offer. 


     In my sophomore year in college, it was at that moment, I was hooked on what being “fit” could really become. In awe as my body changed in many ways, and fascinated that by pushing myself outside of sports, I entered the world of Bodybuilding. I competed in my first show not long after and got my personal training certification to start helping others, too.


      I swore I would never do CrossFit.  One class turned into a pretty quick obsession. I NEEDED to figure out double-unders! I was determined to do at least one strict pull-up. I had to know more about what Rx meant! I was obsessed with improving as an athlete all around. I just couldn’t stop! 


     4 years later I decided to give attention to the “what if” voice in my head that was nagging me to marry my career in Teaching with a newfound passion for CrossFit. I took my L1 Certification while not even knowing I was sitting next to a CrossFit Games athlete. What an experience!!! 


      I can say now, as of October 2022, I am certified as a Level 1 Coach here at Rockingham CrossFit and loving it! While I bring some girl power to the coaching staff, I am tagging along with the others’ enthusiasm for fitness, and excited to help you grow your passion for exercise and fitness, too!

Our Community

Our members train together – we push each other. You’ll find yourself working harder than you ever thought you could, while rediscovering that inner child that loves – and looks forward to – playing and having fun.

You will find yourself breaking down barriers and setting new standards for yourself, along with the people beside you.

We strive to create a bond among our members that can’t be faked or manufactured.

Together we sweat. Together we grow. We find weaknesses and we get stronger, together.

The community of CrossFit is one of our greatest strengths.

We are supportive, we are competitive, we are strong and we are humble … we are Rockletes.


Our Story


It was first conceived as an idea between two friends over dinner, as a humble thought: “How can we help the most people improve themselves in our community?”  From that little spark, Rockingham CrossFit was born. Five years earlier Aaron Clymer and Keith Macneil were brought together through CrossFit. First as acquaintances, workout partners, competition teammates, coaches, best of friends and eventually CrossFit affiliate owners.

Their passion for fitness and thirst for knowledge is as infectious as their fun-loving personalities.  Even though random dance sessions and constant laughter can be heard inside the walls of RCF, they take learning and fitness extremely serious, and they expect no less from their coaches and staff.

The mix of Aaron’s triathlete training, high school and collegiate experience both as an athlete and a coach, and Keith’s military and coaching experience has been the perfect marriage of hard work, dedication and commitment.  This prescription of humor, tireless devotion to their craft, and guiding their members to reach their full potential has culminated in RCF blossoming into a first-class CrossFit affiliate and the Londonderry area’s premier destination for CrossFit, fitness and most of all…fun.

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