No Commitment



10 Pack

10 Classes; 1 Year Expiration


6 Month Commitment




One Time Drop In


12 Month Commitment




Three 1 on 1 session
One Group Class
Swag Bag w/ T-shirt.


Elements Classes

Throughout the three 1 on 1 sessions, the coach assesses your movement mechanics and  strength while introducing you to the foundations of Olympic lifts (deadlift, clean, snatch). The coach will emphasis safe movement techniques and scaling options to commonly used movements to prepare you for the group class setting.

Group Classes

Group classes are the cornerstone of what we do at Rockingham Crossfit. Our program offers constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity relative to the individual. All movements are universally scalable and accessible to all age groups and skill levels.

Open Gym

We encourage all members to work on strength lifts, skill practice, and accessory work that will complement their fitness goals in addition to their group class attendance. Members with an unlimited membership have access to the gym space during our scheduled Open Gym times, or before or after their reserved class times.

Kids Gym Class

We are committed to our children’s development through the teaching of fun physical activity and providing a safe environment to teach our kids the importance of fun and play through functional activities. Let us partner with you to encourage the next generation to lead healthy lifestyles and develop friendships. Check out our Schedule for our twice-a-month Kids Gym Classes.


Rockingham At-Home Fitness  provides an opportunity to stay fit while working out at home. It can be tough to find the time to get to your local gym while balancing work, kids, and home life. In this new world of restrictions, masks, distancing and uncertainty, piled on top of everyday stressors, there are even more obstacles that get in the way of your fitness.  We are here to change that by providing both no equipment and minimal equipment workouts, as well as nutritional meal recommendations.


Ask one of our coaches about personalized Macro Nutrition Coaching.

Specialty Courses

Watch our calendar for specialty classes such as mobility seminars, Olympic barbell classes, Aerobic capacity, running endurance, and gymnastics courses.


For those seeking one-on-one personal training, competitive or individual programming. 

Please inquire about pricing.

1 Action Blvd. Unit 7 Londonderry NH 03053