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Hello and welcome to Untapped Athletics! My passion for fitness and helping other people have inspired me to develop this programming series that pushes my clients beyond what they believe is their 100% potential to reach their fitness goals. Not only do I focus on physicality, but also the importance of mental well-being. I invite you to read further about my mission and the concept behind Untapped Athletics Programming.  


How was the Untapped Athletics concept born? I was on a 5K sandbag run with my first-ever client Chris, who is active in the military, and was telling him about my hopes of starting a programming business to develop people into the best version of themselves.
We got to talking about the Navy Seal, David Goggins, and his 40% Rule which has helped me tremendously. The 40% Rule is simple in concept and it is when human beings stop when they are only at 40% of their perceived potential and there is another 60% available to tap into if looking past the struggle at the moment. Whatever the struggle might be (the weight is too heavy, I can’t finish this race, relationship, or work struggles), I want to help people “Un-Tap” the remaining 60%. Back to this run…Chris and I were struggling, we thought about this rule and as we ran and ran, eventually Chris yelled “I GOT IT… I have the name for the business… Untapped Athletics” and from there, Untapped Athletics was born. Through the struggle, we found something amazing.

Untapped athletics Programming, helping you reach heights that you never thought were possible and untapping into that 60% that we ALL have.

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